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Tuition and Payment 2013 – 2014


Tuition is due on the 1st of every month, except September, which is due on the 1st class day. Tuition is late after the 10th. A $15.00 late fee will be charged on the 11th. Tuition is based on an average 3 week month and will be the same each month. Returned checks for insufficient funds will be charged an additional fee of $25.00. Payment may be made in person with cash or check. If payment in being made in person, parents are responsible for ensuring delivery of payment to Mrs. Gina.

Make checks payable to and mail as as follows:
Dance And More                                            
9090 Skillman  St. Suite 299-A                       
Dallas, TX 75243                          

Payment by credit card can be made online at

Tuition Per Child:

          .75 hr/wk  $60    2.5-2.75 hr/wk  $90         5.25-6 hr/wk  $125 
             1 hr/wk  $65       3-3.25 hr/wk  $100       6.25-7 hr/wk  $130 
        1.25 hr/wk  $70    3.5-3.75 hr/wk  $105       7.25-8 hr/wk  $135 
  1.5-1.75 hr/wk  $75       4-4.25 hr/wk  $115       8.25-9 hr/wk  $140
     2-2.25 hr/wk  $85         4.5-5 hr/wk  $120     9.25-10 hr/wk  $145
                                                                                  10+ hr/wk  $150  
Private Lessons: $60 per hour 

Family Discount: Dance And More will honor Family Discounts of $5 off of the total monthly tuition if you have more than one student enrolled per family. Discounts do not apply to Summer Dance Camps.

Semester Discount: Dance And More will honor Semester Discounts. If you choose to pay for a semester (Sept. through Dec. or Jan. through May), you will receive a discount of $10 off of your total semester tuition.

Non-Refundable Registration Fee: $25/year – single student $40/year (2 or more students). Registration discounts do not apply to Summer Dance Camps.

Costume Fee: The Costume Fee of $50.00 per costume per class will apply to all students performing in the recital. The fee is due January 1, 2014, or with your January 2014 tuition.